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Andrea Kubasch

Qbi (Andrea Kubasch) is the founder and director of the Power Yoga Germany Studios in Lübeck and Hamburg. She was introduced to yoga early on as a child. She received her first yoga teacher training in Mexico from the master of power yoga Bryan Kest and is one of the few Germans to have completed this prestigious training.

Qbi is known for her flowing, dynamic and humorous teaching style. Her classes are full of creativity and spirit. Some of her strengths are her communication skills, creative sequencing and ability to explain complicated techniques in a simple way. Celebrities such as Mousse T., Vargo and Volkan Baydar follow Qbi's courses, and others, such as the hockey players from the Club an der Alster in Hamburg (multiple-time German field hockey champions), swear by them.

She incorporated her special training methods into the programs of our online gym. It's an honor for Andrea Kubasch to present her classes to you!

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