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Get in shape with the best trainers and fitness experts in Germany! Every single one of them is an expert in their field, motivating their fans worldwide - both online and offline!

Johanna Fellner
... has the title of Reebok Global Trainer and is one of the most renowned fitness experts in Germany

Michaela Sussbauer
... is one of the most in-demand developers and presenters of innovative sports programs

Stefanie Rohr
... is a Reebok Master Trainer, a personal trainer and also develops the fitness trend BODEGA moves®

Young-Ho Kim
... inspires us by combining Eastern philosophy with Western training methods

Nina Winkler
... is a personal / group fitness trainer and an internationally renowned author

Anette Alvaredo
... is a passionate physiotherapist and Pilates trainer

Dirk Pinnig
... is a sought-after sports scientist, health coach and fitness trainer

To learn more about our trainers, check out our "Trainers" page.

If you want to learn more about a trainer, you just need to click on their profile picture. This will take you to the trainer's personal page.
Sports scientists, taekwondo grandmasters, personal trainers, professional dancers, group fitness instructors, certified yoga teachers, bestselling authors and Olympic champions. Our trainers' qualifications are just as diverse as their courses.
Our trainers are experts that hold qualifications and have many years of experience. They work very closely with and for through their courses and programs. Our performers, on the other hand, are full-time instructors that don't work independently.
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