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Robert Jurlina

Robert Jurlina has received solid training as a personal trainer for years in the IFFA (International Fitness and Aerobic Academy). He is a certified IFAA personal trainer and instructor, LA BoX Camp instructor, kettlebell instructor, Tae Bo basics and advanced instructor, Flexi-Bar and strength/fitness (LBT and muscle training) instructor, dumbbell and barbell power trainer and lactate training expert.

Robert Jurlina is also a speaker at the IFFA, which allows him to share his knowledge with others. He has also been recognized as an Aqua trainer by Nils Liebich (Managing Director and Training Manager at Athleticon).

Robert Jurlina has created a kettlebell and a full-body workout for our online gym. He co-presents both programs together with Katrin Helbig. These functional exercises will strengthen your body and improve your level of fitness. Thanks to these programs, you’ll be able to tackle specific problem areas and complete an effective full-body workout.

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