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Young-Ho Kim

"Young-Ho Kim inspires people and ignites their enthusiasm for yoga both in Germany and internationally with his engaging courses and his ""It´s only Yoga"" motto. His personal style is reflected in his classes, which are taught with a mix of lightness and compassion that helps connect body and mind.

He was born in Korea and came to Germany when he was 14 years old. He grew up with martial arts and is passionate about Asian teaching and philosophy movements. He's also been one of the grand masters of Taekwondo since 2000 and holds a 5th Dan.

Young-Ho Kim has developed several fitness concepts in which he harmoniously combines Asian philosophies with Western training methods. He runs two yoga studios (Inside Yoga) in Frankfurt am Main together with his brother Jang-Ho Kim.

Young-Ho Kim has been working very closely with our online gym for many years now and has already created and presented many programs.

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