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Ralf Bauer

"Ralf Bauer is one of Germany’s most popular TV stars. He became famous in the mid-90s for being one of the leading actors in ARD’s TV series “Against the Wind”.

Ralf Bauer has been practicing yoga for many years and has great interest in Asian philosophy. He has already released several yoga DVDs (including “Yoga with Ralf Bauer”, “Yoga with Ralf Bauer 2” and “My Sun Salutation”). He has also published a book called “On my way to myself – A journey on the path of the philosophy of Tibetan yoga”.

“This topic is very dear to me”, says Ralf. “For me, yoga is a way to raise my self-awareness and keep my body flexible. I used to have lower lumbar problems when I was stressed. This has, however, disappeared since I’ve started to do the Sun Salutation every day. As with many other things in life, consistency is key in yoga. Take your time. You can’t race your way to Nirvana! And remember to listen to your body – yoga should help you, not harm you!""

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