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Whether more muscle, more stamina, more mindfulness or less weight: Find your program based on your goal, your fitness level, and the time you have - motivation is included by us.


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Questions about programs programs are predetermined training plans that have been designed by our fitness experts so that you can train effectively and reach your goals as soon as possible. In addition to the workouts, you'll also receive nutritional, motivational and fitness tips to help you reach your body goals. You can download individual PDFs with tips in "My Studio" every week.


Our programs are basically good for everyone! Beginners particularly like the detailed training plans that tell them when to do which course so they can obtain the best possible results. This doesn't mean that we don't have good training plans for more advanced athletes and fitness experts - we definitely do! Every program lists its level of difficulty, its target groups and the amount of time it requires per week. New programs are added on a regular basis, constantly increasing the variety of training courses that are offerred.

You can find an overview of our programs here.


They're included in the regular membership fee. If you're a member of, you don't have to pay any additional costs.


You can find an overview of all available programs here. Click on the program you want to know more about to get more information.

To get started, click on "Start program". This will take you to another page where you can decide whether you want to start immediately or on a specific day. All workouts will then be automatically added to your training calendar. We'll also email you a beginner's PDF with detailed information.


You can decide when to start your program at the beginning by setting a specific date.  Please note that our programs are optimized to start on Mondays but if you want to start on a different day your "course schedule" will be adapted according to your training and rest days.

If you want to postpone an individual workout, you'll have to log in and access "My Studio". Your calendar will show the courses that are scheduled for the week. Click on the calendar icon to adapt it to your needs and change the date of the training.


We recommend that you complete your program in one go, with its training and rest days. We understand there are instances where it's just simple impossible because you get sick or are going on a long holiday, for example. In such cases you can of course pause your current problem without a problem.

Go to "My Studio" and click on the "Pause" button on every active program. If you want to continue, just click on "Continue the program"  and your training will  immediately resume.


You can most definitely do other courses during a specific program and then enter them in your training diary. Same thing applies if you do other sports, such as jogging, cycling or swimming.  As you can see, there are no limits to your training motivation! We do ask you to be careful and not overwhelm yourself. Please allow enough rest days.


It only makes sense to do two programs at the same time in very few cases. One of them would be to do the "Eat yourself slim" nutritional concept in parallel to the "Slim in 6 weeks" program, as sports and nutrition go perfectly together. We would, otherwise, advise you to just do one program at a time.

If you want to cancel a running program, it's as simple as going to "My Studio" and clicking on the "Cancel" button on your active program. You'll then be able to start the new program and all courses will be automatically added to your training calendar.

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